Zolution Software Ltd

Who are Zolution?

We develop commercial and open-source software - focusing on speed, efficiency and maintainability.

We use the Microsoft .Net stack across desktop, web and mobile to build professional solutions to your business' needs.


Rezolver is a fast, portable, extensible and efficient IOC container for the .Net Standard 1.1 profile that we are developing as a result of many years of using other containers.

It has numerous components (available via Nuget), all of which can be extended to suit your needs thanks to the rich API.

Rezolver is a GitHub open source project, so you are free to grab the code, customise it to your heart's content and contribute to its development!

Go to the Rezolver developer portal

Other work

In addition to our consultation and our open source development - we are also involved in other activities:

  • We are developing a cloud-based solution for the education sector which will revolutionise the working practises of teaching professionals, initially in the primary education sector. More details of this product will be available once we're past prototyping.
  • We have an agile estimation app for development teams in the pipeline, based on our own experience of the agile process.
  • We frequently undertake developer mentoring and training - helping new developers broaden their skillsets and learn best practises from day one